Robert C Jackson Still Life Oil Paintings

Books: Robert C Jackson Paintings and Behind the Easel

Robert C Jackson interviewing 20 contemporary still life artists about the process of creating art.  

Robert C Jackson Paintings

Robert C Jackson Paintings


Robert C. Jackson: Paintings
by Philip Eliasoph

The paintings of Robert C. Jackson are introduced by Philip Eliasoph in the artist's first monograph. Using paintings from artists as diverse as Andrew Wyeth and Jasper Johns, Eliasoph's extensive knowledge of American art places Jackson's artwork into a historical context. This beautifully illustrated 9" x 12" 240 page book includes more than 130 images of the artist's paintings with details, photographs of the artist at work, sketchbook reproductions, and an interview with the artist himself. Eliasoph colorfully proclaims, "The paintings we are about to examine are inescapably a bundle of contradictions, satirical complexities, and witty subterfuge. Essentially, Jackson is a uniquely self-realized painter. His feisty independence is fortified with healthy dosages of non-conforming eccentricity, with a small touch of screwball nuttiness." The foreword by Professor Henry Adams reveals a similar sentiment, "Notably, this is also the sort of strange mix of sensibilities one finds in the best American novelists, such as Mark Twain."

Robert C. Jackson: Paintings by Philip Eliasoph and published by Schiffer Books ( is available from most major retailers. 

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