Robert C Jackson Still Life Oil Paintings


A biography, quotes, facts and influences of Robert C Jackson.  Reviews of his work by respected art critics, college professors and museums.  

Robert Jackson on Stairs
The paintings we are about to examine are inescapably a bundle of contradictions, satirical complexities, and witty subterfuge. Essentially, Jackson is a uniquely self-realized painter.
The assured, accomplished hand of Robert Jackson easily places him among our most important mid-career American Realist painters.  Although grounded in a technique that is near classical in its complex, meticulously rendered imagery, it is the subject matter itself, rife with giddy innuendo, that delights us with its irony, while still attesting to the precarious possibilities that greet – or threaten – us at the dawn of each new day. 
— John W. Steetman III, Director Emeritus, Evansville Museum of Arts, History, & Science
If Jackson is riffing on the momento mori of Dutch still lifes, his own message veers much closer to “carpe diem.
— Joanne Silver for ARTnews

“Sometimes I wish I could stop thinking about painting and creating, it’s constant… on the other hand, I suppose I’m darn fortunate I love what I do.” Robert C. Jackson (b. 1964 Kinston, NC) worked as an Electrical Engineer (designing radio systems for Motorola from 1986-1990) and then as an Assistant Pastor (for Cedar Ridge Community Church in Maryland from 1990-1996), before settling down to his full-time and fulfilling career as a contemporary still life artist (1996-present). Robert's artwork can now be found exhibiting in galleries and museums coast to coast. Presently, Robert lives in Kennett Square, PA with his wife and three children.

What’s startling about his work is the sense of mix: of sophisticated and naïve, of high modernist art and 19th century trompe l’oeil and folk art, of witty philosophical mind games and silly popular jokes.  Notably, this is also the sort of strange mix of sensibilities one finds in the best American novelists, such as Mark Twain.
— Henry Adams, Ph.D.,  Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History at Case Western Reserve University
The result is a wonderful mix of stillness and sophistication, of innovation and nostalgia, of surface delights and allegorical depths.
— Jodi Lundgren, Curator of Exhibitions at South Dakota Art Museum
In the celebrated Brandywine Valley art scene, Kennett Square’s Bob Jackson is the epitome of the talented dark horse toiling in the shadows—and this dark horse has a wicked sense of the absurd, turning out colorful, whimsical, meticulously rendered still lifes that both draw upon and subvert the American realist tradition.
— Hobart  Rowland for Main Line Today Magazine



Robert Coleman Jackson
Kinston, N.C. October 17, 1964
BSEE University of Delaware 1986


Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT

Evansville Museum of Arts, History, & Science, Evansville,IN

Gallery Henoch, New York NY

Arden Gallery, Boston MA
Somerville Manning Gallery, Greenville DE

Arden Gallery, Boston MA
Samuel Owen Gallery, Nantucket MA

South Dakota Museum of Art, Brookings, South Dakota
Gallery Henoch, New York, New York

Arden Gallery, Boston MA

Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences, Evansville IN (catalog)
Gallery Henoch, New York, NY
Arden Gallery, Boston MA
Southport Galleries, Greenwich, CT

Gallery Henoch, New York, NY (catalog)

Arden Gallery, Boston MA

Arden Gallery, Boston MA(catalog)
Leslie Levy Gallery, Scottsdale AZ 

Arden Gallery,  Boston MA(catalog)

Wynne-Falconer Gallery, Chatham, MA (catalog)
Arden Gallery, Boston MA (catalog)

Zenith Gallery, Washington DC

Arden Gallery, Boston MA
Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC

Arden Gallery, BostonMA

Zenith Gallery, WashingtonDC
Delaware Division of the Arts, Wilmington DE

Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC

Arden Gallery (Two Person),  Boston MA
Zenith Gallery,  WashingtonDC

SomervilleManning Gallery, Greenville DE
Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill NC

Zenith Gallery,  WashingtonDC

SomervilleManning Gallery,  Greenville DE
Zenith Gallery,  Washington DC
National Institutes of Health,  Bethesda MD


Robert C Jackson Studio Painting


Bank of America

Brandywine River Museum of Art

The Children's Hospital, Aurora CO

Delaware Art Museum

Evansville Museum of Art, History, & Science

New Britain Museum of American Art

Seven Bridges Foundation, Greenwich CT

South Dakota Art Museum

University of Michigan Health System



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