Robert C Jackson Still Life Oil Paintings

Books: Robert C Jackson Paintings and Behind the Easel

Robert C Jackson interviewing 20 contemporary still life artists about the process of creating art.  

Behind The Easel

Behind The Easel


Behind the Easel: The Unique Voices of 20 Contemporary Representational Painters 1st Edition

Most art books are not in the first person, so while there is some truth to the analyses, some things are always off. Robert C. Jackson set out to interview 20 contemporary representational artists (himself included) and showcase their artwork within the context of their interviews. Here you will meet Steven Assael, Bo Bartlett, Debra Bermingham, Margaret Bowland, Paul Fenniak, Scott Fraser, Woody Gwyn, F. Scott Hess, Laurie Hogin, Robert C. Jackson, Alan Magee, Janet Monafo, John Moore, Charles Pfahl, Scott Prior, Stone Roberts, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin, Daniel Sprick, Will Wilson, and Jerome Witkin. Each of these artists has a very elusive quality–a unique voice. Seeing their work from across a room they are all recognizable. Their artworks are showcased in this large book with more than 140 images of their paintings as well as photographs of the artists in their studios and an epilogue by Pamela Sienna.

Behind the Easel by Robert C. Jackson and published by Schiffer Books ( is available from most major retailers.

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